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With the start of football season upon us it's a good idea to take a look at sprucing up your abode...specifically your man cave.

Ah, the man cave.

That special corner of the house that you can call your own. No kids' toys, no millions of frilly throw pillows covering up the couch, and of course, feet are allowed on the furniture. If you've always wanted to carve out a little corner of home as your man cave here's abodehomefurniture.com's step-by-step way to do it. This works for every budget


Your Favorite Chair

Every man cave has features that are universal no matter what your specific style is. First and foremost you need a cozy chair. This is your absolute favorite spot to kick back. It doesn't matter so much about its looks, just how it feels. Good choices for a favorite chair include recliners, which set the standard for comfy chairs across the board. You can also look for deep seated club chairs Or plush chair and a half styles. Whatever you choose is completely up to you as long as you feel it's comfortable.

Brown faux leather reclinerblack mid century modern swivel egg chairblack leather club chair

What Are You Drinking?

The next man cave essential is a dedicated beverage area. Depending on your needs this can be a full-blown bar set up or as simple as a mini fridge filled with Red Bull. Figure out how you want to use the space, what you'll likely be drinking and adapt accordingly. It may be that all you need is a simple bar cart with your favorite liquor handy and perhaps a cocktail shaker if you're feeling fancy. You can also go with the old classic, the ice chest. Yes it's possible to use an ice chest indoors and in non-conventional ways, plus it just makes a lot of sense. You can keep your cold ones perfectly ice cold and within reach without making a trip to the kitchen.

 gold bar cart on wheels   Faux rattan ice cooler and table   galvanized metal bucket filled with ice and beverages

Table and Chairs

You will definitely need a good sturdy table and chair set up for those impromptu card games or rounds of dominoes with the guys, not to mention, eating. Depending on how much company you regularly have, you could get a very compact two-seater table, or something larger to accommodate 4-6 of your best buds. 


 metal industrial vintage chairs            green metal industrial table

Coffee Tables and Side Tables

In addition to a regular dining table area you need accent tables. These are the workhorses of the room and keep it functional. Side tables, end tables, coffee tables and ottomans will do the job. The nice thing about an ottoman is you have a place to kick up your feet, set down a beverage or sit. It's the ultimate multitasker.

 trunk coffee table   brown ottoman        

Seating For the Boys

So you have your favorite chair all picked out; what else is there? Oh yeah, where are the guys gonna sit? You're going to need some general seating for everyone. You can choose individual chairs or a big comfy couch. Just as long as your buds have a place to sit and relax.

gray sectional

Dress Your Walls

For the finishing touch of your man cave you're going to need something on the wall. Yes if you really want this to look like a purposeful, thought out space and not a corner of the house you've been banished to, add something to your wall. It doesn't have to be a museum worthy piece, simply anything you like. You don't even have to choose a traditional piece of art in a frame. You can dress up your walls with wall decal stickers, perhaps even showcasing your baseball caps or hanging a collection of license plates. Buy a few hooks and hang your guitar on the wall. Use your imagination and have fun here. After all, it is your special space, what you say goes. Hopefully this will give you a good plan of action when you begin creating your own man cave. You've got the template so what are you waiting for? Get started! 

frank sinatra artwork        James Dean Artwork












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